“So, I'm driving around with your CD, composing this message, and then "Heartaches" comes on. Why did you wait nine songs to hit the home run? Speaking only of performance, you are on fire, it's Ronnie's best vocal by a country mile, and that pocket is DEEP.

You have carved out some soaring, almost David Gilmour type leads that are the bomb. Ronnie's got that growl I still wish I could muster. He's in that great Paul Rogers, James Dewar (the guy from Robin Trower) space. This is from the first listen. If more jumps out at me, I'll let you know. Great job.”   Jim Cushinery  - The Wigs

  • Name Steve K

  • Subject Saturday show at Saloon on Calhoun

  • Message:

  • Saw the first set of your show and really enjoyed it. Especially liked the Hendrix songs, Voodoo Child and Little Wing and also the Kenny Wayne shepherd songs. Not only are you good musicians, but you play together very well. Hope to see you again soon. Steve (from the Blues Harp Jimmie Band)

I had your CD playing in my office. Wonderful and well-done! Thank you for your music. :D     -Sue DaBaco

Wow. Thank YOU Joe!! You guys are tight man! Steve spot on! Ronnie fantastic vocal work and Scott’s bass work, smooth! And then there’s Joe B’S GUITAR WORK. Wait till my brother David hears this! love it!  - Jerry R.

Hi Joe, I have been playing your new CD.  WOW Just fabulous.

Regards, Dennis G

Hi Joe, 

I just listened to the CD; you've got a serious winner here. I love it. Thanks. I hope that you're able to sell lots of them. - Randy J.